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Having a website is simply not enough! Imagine this, you have gone to one of those "Free" website builders and created an amazing website for your company. You post it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and all the social networks. You tell all your friends to visit your website and everyone that sees your posts visits your website. Great news, right? If your website is not properly optimized it is partially great news. All the time and money you spent driving traffic to your website is wasted when it comes to creating page authority with all the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo and Ask. 
Most people believe; because they have a website, they can be tracked and found in the search engines. This is not the case. You need your website and all its content to be optimized in order to build page authority with the search engines. 


Keys to Online Marketing
1. First and foremost, make sure your website is fully optimized. We call this onsite SEO.

2. Make sure you have a company (like eBrandit.com) that pays real people to do real work every month to create page authority for your website. And spends the time optimizing specific keywords for your particular company. We call this offsite SEO.
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Slight Edge Effect

A successful marketing campaign is the direct result of consistent effort in specific areas compounded over time. Good marketing takes time and it does not happen overnight. There are parts of a successful campaign that create immediate visibility. However taking the time to build a solid digital foundation is paramount to long term success for your business online. 
We focus on helping you deliver fresh and new content specifically targeted towards keywords associated with your business. We believe in content marketing. Plain and simple. It is more expensive and takes a bit longer but it is more sustainable and the results are more consistent in the long run. 
Why does a search engine show one site over another? eBrandit knows the answers. Google, Yahoo and Bing know where you have been, what you like and what you do an quite frankly know your business better than you do. Understanding how they analyze credible sites is key to gaining relevance and building authority. Once you have "page authority" it is very difficult to lose it.
keys to online marketing success
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