Mobile Websites

Mobile Websites

eBrandit's Mobile Websites converts your already existing website that is not mobile-friendly into a responsive mobile friendly website. This mobile website is future-proof, meaning any future changes or new algorithms will be taken care of on your mobile website. This includes; two hours per month of changes you wish and unlimited/full access to our S.E.R.P (Search Engine Report Platform) Package.

Want to see what YOUR website will look like after it is mobile friendly? We provide FREE mobile website comparisons to show you what your site currently is viewed on a mobile device and how your mobile website can look on a mobile device.

Why is converting your existing site into a mobile friendly site Important?

This is important to you because Google first announced back in February 2015 that on April 21, 2015 it is mandatory to have a website that is mobile friendly or you will be penalized. “Googlers” are using smart devices over desktops more than ever and it is important that your business is current with the newest Google changes/algorithms. Websites are evolving! Now, even if your website passes the Google friendly test. Is it appealing to the eye? Is it easy to find you? Is it easy call your business? Pull out your mobile device right now and search your domain. Without scrolling through your website and staying on the home page, do you see Click to Action Buttons? Click to Action means there is a clear button that says “Call Us”, “Find Us”, “Share Us” or “Make an Appointment”. This should be easy to find and yet still appealing to your potential clients. People want their information at their fingertips. When potential customers go onto your website, they only give about 3-5 seconds to find what they are looking for. If they don’t find it and don’t have the patience to continue looking. They will move on to your competitor that has a more user-friendly mobile website and 67% of those people will NOT go onto a desktop to find you again. Having a mobile website isn’t just valuable to you but vital for your business! We offer low prices and have outstanding customer service that is a simple call or email away. We are here, to help you!

Setup: $299 
Monthly: $50
Pricing includes our SERP Package
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